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The PPI staff work with community agencies to provide pregnant and postpartum women with help to obtain the resources needed for them and their children. The PPI staff provides on-site and home evidence based parenting classes and Fetal Alcohol Information. We also work to help women find resources for housing, day care, food, clothing and many other necessities for mothers and children. This is a free program for anyone that is pregnant or postpartum (children up to 18 months old). If you have any questions or would like to contact one of the PPI staff, please see the "Contact Us" section for our number or click the “Need Help” button. The PPI staff will be in contact with you within 72 hours of receiving your information.

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Project APPLE strives to reduce the occurrence of drug and alcohol exposure to young and unborn children and to assist in creating a healthy lifestyle for all participants.

"They helped me complete the needed classes for CPS so that I could get my child back"- anonymous PPI Project APPLE consumer

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